Virtual Tour of Anchorage 25k Ski 2020-21

03/08/2021 - 03/14/2021


  • $30.00


Virtual: Ski Anywhere!


NSAA is offering a virtual ski option for the Tour of Anchorage!  

We hope it appeals to those who are uncomfortable racing during the pandemic or unable to gain entry into the ski race that has reached capacity.

The Details

Pick your route:

  1. Follow the map for a 25K Tour within Kincaid park (follow along on phone or print hard copy). This can be modified to include any (or all) of the three laps shown. This route will NOT be marked.
  2. Complete the TOA 25K course from APU to the Kincaid stadium (see maps at
  3. Pick your own route of 25K.

This is designed to be a fun event and it's fine if the official route is not followed exactly. It is not a competitive event and the distance covered and time spent skiing should not be submitted to NSAA.

NSAA will publish a list of virtual participants alongside the other 2021 TOA results.

The cost is $30 and includes a 2021 Tour of Anchorage t-shirt and Print-At-Home bib. 

Virtual participants can ski the Kincaid 25K Tour or other routes from March 8 to March 14, 2021. Please do not ski the virtual Tour on March 7, 2021 - this race day is reserved for real time registrants only. 

Here are basic directions for the Kincaid 25K Tour:

Start in Kincaid Stadium in front of the timing building.

Loop 1 (Blue): Go out Mize to Sisson/complete Outer Sisson route back to Mize /return to stadium.

Loop 2 (Purple): Exit stadium to Snow Making Loop/go through lower tunnel and around west side of biathlon range/take Margeaux's to top of hill/take 2nd right toward Compression and follow to 1.5K Lekisch/drop back into stadium.

Loop 3 (Pink): go through stadium and head out Mize/turn right to Elliott's Climb/around World Cup start, down East St. and down S Turns/go up over bridge and onto Jodphur Loop/go back across bridge and left onto Margeaux's/pass Burky's Climb and Roller Coaster/finish in front of timing building.

Have fun!